The Art of Coffee

The concept behind Café Kitsuné is to create and operate a space that marries the simplistic beauty of the small and intimate coffee bars with the style and cool of everything that Café Kitsuné undertakes. Café Kitsuné pays tribute to the pleasure of enjoying a quality coffee in locations that are both modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming.

From South America, the coffee beans are roasted with the utmost care.

A place dedicated to the coffee experience

Café Kitsuné Vertbois is first and foremost a production site with a roastery run by the artisan roaster Florian Decousser. Freshly roasted coffee beans and ground coffees are available in the shop or online, alongside the collection of Café Kitsuné tableware: cups, saucers, mugs and tumblers…

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The flavours
A full-bodied and tasty coffee

The coffee served at the Café Kitsuné is full-bodied and flavoursome, with notes of chocolate and grilled hazelnuts, and a texture that is both
smooth and syrupy, lingering on the palet. It can be enjoyed in situ or as a take-away and comes as an espresso, macchiato, americano, latte, cappuccino, dirty chai, cortado, at white or mochaccino.